How Does “JUVIS” Weight Loss Work? Here’s Everything We Know About The Program

This is how JUVIS magically transforms all those celebrities.

Some of the most drastic Korean celebrity weight loss transformations come with the help of the diet consulting firm JUVIS. From former 2NE1‘s Park Bom to Super Junior‘s Shindong, comedian Sam Hammington to first generation idol Moon Hee Jun

Park Bom | JUVIS

… JUVIS seems to really know what they’re doing. So what exactly is the JUVIS program? How is it possible for these celebrities to shed tons of pounds in brief periods of time?

Shindong | JUVIS

JUVIS uses a strictly pay-more-to-lose-more system. Averaging at roughly a minimum of ₩200,000 KRW ($183 USD) per session, the program offers three main services for their clients.

JUVIS Gangnam | @asteroid6/NAVER Blog

First, JUVIS prides itself in its cellulite treatment using professional devices that are installed at their centers. Though the details vary by their shapes and goals, clients are likely to make regular use of two types of devices. One is basically a heating machine. This device helps increase the body temperature, said to trick the client’s body into kickstarting the fat burning process.

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The other is a lymphatic and muscular massaging device. This two-part device sends sharp, targeted sensations through the patches attached to the client’s body.

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By stimulating the lymphatic system, the device helps the client better rid of toxins. And by stimulating the muscle groups, the device also helps imitate a workout without actually exercising.

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Second, JUVIS also incorporates an extremely strict diet control into the service, using their unique “Six Bites” system. All clients are forced to cut back on eating too much and eating too recklessly. Again, it varies by shapes and goals — but most clients are advised to stay on a 100% Korean-style diet, eating six bites of ssam (쌈, veggie wrap) per meal.

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Unless purchasing the brand’s pre-packed meal plan through JUVIS, the clients are on their own to stay on track with the “Six Bites” system. These ssam wraps would consist of any leafy green vegetable, brown rice, and one pinch of a single type of side dish. The idea is to limit and prevent the excessive intake of carbohydrates, sodium, and fat while building a healthy, consistent eating cycle. This is said to bring the body’s metabolism back on track.

JUVIS’s “Pre-Packed” rice balls to ease the meal prep process for clients, sold separately. | @asteroid6/NAVER Blog

Finally, at the time of sign up, JUVIS matches their clients with “managers“: a one-on-one consultant who keeps track of statistics and progress. And these managers observe their clients’ attendance, meal logs, numbers, and even moods — like hawks.

JUVIS’s internal tracking system. | @asteroid6/NAVER Blog

JUVIS also throws in the understanding of psychological factors that either boost or hinder weight loss. These managers endlessly encourage their clients to maintain healthy stress levels and sleep schedules.

Client receiving the lymphatic massage while speaking with her consultant. | @asteroid6/NAVER Blog

Usually, a single session would last about an hour — to use all the devices, review the meal logs and numbers with the manager, and set goals to meet by the next session. JUVIS guarantees what they call a “visible and steady” progress with each session.

And most often, at an average of 10-12 sessions a month, clients are shown what they are promised — by shedding a good 10-20 pounds with little to no working out whatsoever. Hence, there are countless clients who have successfully achieved their goal body weights using JUVIS.

A male client who lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks at JUVIS. | JUVIS Songpa/NAVER Blog

Unfortunately, there are just as many clients who say the JUVIS program only leaves them extremely vulnerable to yo-yo (요요, gaining the weight back). According to those who tried and failed JUVIS, it becomes “virtually impossible to recreate the same consistency” once they go off the program.

As soon as the clients complete all of their pre-paid sessions and decide not to continue, they are stripped of the services — most importantly the device-driven treatments. While clients can easily continue the eating habits on their own, they cannot create the same effects as the devices provide. There is an option to install the devices at home, but the cost is quite hefty. So even if they start exercising to compensate for the rapid regain, clients claim, “The dependency on the devices set them up for failure“.

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Though they feel differently about the final results, most JUVIS clients generally agree with this sentiment: If they had the money to stay on the program permanently, they absolutely would.

Source: zetal and asteroid6