J.Y. Park’s Minor Critique Of TWICE Jihyo’s “Killin’ Me Good” Added Two Hours Of Studio Time

“He’s famous for being meticulous.”

TWICE‘s Jihyo recently made her highly anticipated solo debut, releasing her EP ZONE on August 18.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

Jihyo trained at JYP Entertainment for ten years before making her debut at only 18 years old. She admitted that she struggled during the group’s debut era because their style of music was so different from what she wanted to try.

With her solo promotions, Jihyo was finally able to explore the style of music she favored and was credited as a songwriter and composer on most of her solo EP’s tracks.

The lyrics for her title track, “Killin’ Me Good,” were written by JYP Entertainment founder and veteran soloist J.Y. Park, who is known for his strict approach as a producer and songwriter.

Jihyo recently met with TV personality and former M.I.B member Kangnam and shared how J.Y. Park reacted when the TWICE leader sent him her vocals on the track.

Jihyo shared that after she recorded the track, she sent it to J.Y. Park for his approval. To her surprise, he said she did a good job…

… until he said there was one word he wanted her to change.

Jihyo revealed that the one word added an extra two hours of recording time in the studio.

Kangnam pointed out how J.Y. Park is known for being meticulous with his artists, and it’s no different for JYP Entertainment’s beloved 3rd gen girl group!

This isn’t the first time the TWICE members have shared about their experiences recording with J.Y. Park.

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