JYJ’s Jaejoong Is One Of K-Pop’s OG Visuals, And Netizens Are Pretty Decided On His Most Legendary Visual Era

All-around visual king!

JYJ‘s Jaejoong is considered one of K-Pop’s OG visual idols, and netizens recently talked about a hairstyle of his that he totally pulled off, and left them in disbelief over it!

Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

Over his long career of 19 years, Jaejoong has rocked a ton of styles, such as this black suit and long bangs look…

…the long, blonde hair…

…and classic styled hair and a suit that fits him incredibly well!!

| Newsen

Fans, however, brought up an era of Jaejoong’s that they believe was even more legendary than anything he’s ever been seen in before, and it’s his looks from his time in the military!

Jaejoong enlisted in the military on March 31, 2015, as an active-duty soldier, and was discharged on December 30, 2016. While he was in the military, Jaejoong went through rigorous training as a soldier, and so, put on a decent amount of muscle that made his classically handsome visuals look ruggedly striking!

| The Qoo

Hi newly chiseled physique, along with his military standard crew cut, gave him a manly aura that he totally owned!

Netizens fondly remembered his short-lived good looks during his enlistment period!

  • Handsome men will still look handsome even if you shave off their heads…
  • Before he served in the military, there were a lot of people saying that Kim Jaejoong only looks good because of his hair but they were all wrong. Anyway, he really does look so f*cking handsome.
  • Not only is he so handsome, but he also has a really great body

Here’s to hoping this look of his makes a comeback someday!

Source: The Qoo
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