A Fan Presumably Snuck into JYJ Yoochun’s Press Conference and Exclaimed Random Words of Support

The room grew silent right afterwards.

JYJ‘s Yoochun recently held an emergency press conference to firmly deny the reports that he was the celebrity “A” who did drugs with Hwang Hana.

At the press conference, Yoochun stated that he has never done illegal drugs before in his life, but did admit to taking sleeping pills when he was at Hwang Hana’s house.

After clarifying his position and promising to go to the police station and truthfully participate in the investigations, something unexpected happened on his way out.

According to reports, a fan who happened to be sitting amongst many reporters suddenly exclaimed, “Look up at the sky! I’ll pray for you!” which sounded like words of support toward Yoochun.

It is predicted that the words she shouted were another way of expressing his fans’ message, “You are not alone” which is the message that a song of the same title conveys.


In response to this random exclamation, the room grew silent, and the fan appeared to quietly leave soon afterward.

Since fans were not allowed at this press conference, it is presumed that this fan used the chaos at the beginning of the press conference to her advantage and snuck in without anything noticing.


Source: Dispatch