JYJ’s Yoochun Revealed He Has Never Done Drugs Before And Is Suffering From Depression

He firmly denied it was him.

JYJ’s Yoochun just held his emergency press conference where he revealed his official position regarding the rumors that he was the celebrity “A” who did drugs with Hwang Hana.

He denied all accusations of doing drugs, stating that he had never in his life ever done illegal drugs, but did admit to taking sleeping pills once at Hwang Hana’s house. He also revealed he is suffering from depression and even thought of ending his life.

Read Yoochun’s full press conference statement below:

I had a lot of thoughts and worries before I came here, and it was a very difficult time. But I decided to come out in front of the public after gathering my courage because I thought it would be the right thing to say everything in person. I have been receiving treatment for depression. I have been investigated for a long time, and I have been legally proven innocent. However, I have had a painful time full of the public denouncing me, social and moral guilt, and shame. I thought I could start over after self reflecting and self-restraint, but I thoughts of wanting to die grasped me instead.

During the times I can’t forgive myself for my actions, I can’t sleep and instead I turn to alcohol. I have been treated for depression by a psychiatrist and there have been many days where I can only sleep after taking sleeping pills.

I have never done drugs. I was very scared to see that Hwang Hana pointed out there was another celebrity involved in her drug investigation and recommended the drug to her, and that people would point out that the celebrity was me. I have never done drugs but I am afraid that I am going to be labeled as a druggie. The fear of no matter how much I squirm and say it’s not me, people would run and think it was me came to mind. But because I have never done drugs, I thought that I would go to the investigation agencies and tell them I would be willing to be investigated.

First of all, I decided to break up with Hwang Hana early in 2018 and we ended our relationship. After we ended our relationship, I was threatened by Hwang Hana but I felt sorry and a sense of responsibility for her because she was a person who was by my side when I thought the whole world would turn its back on me when I was in a difficult situation in 2017. After the break up, she suddenly contacted me and went to my house to clear her head. I listened to what she said, and apologize to her, and try and calm her down. That was so painful that I had to take a prescription sleeping pill to sleep.

I know that Hwang Hana also has sleeping pills for her depression but those medications don’t have anything to do with me. She never mentioned anything of her previous drug records or any illegally obtained medications in front of me. She just told me that her depression got worse since we broke up and she kept saying things about how she resents me. I was very surprised and hurt when I read those articles.

But, I have never done drugs before, and have never encouraged anyone to use drugs. I have been working hard to push through the pain every day so I can be able to promote as an actor again. I can’t imagine that all of the effort I have put in would be put to waste over some drugs. I will go to the police station and be truthfully participate in investigations.

The reason why I am here is because if I accept the accusations against me, I would have to halt my celebrity promotions as Park Yoochun and retire from the industry, and my entire life would be brought to nothing over an injustice, so I came here i front of the press with a desperate heart.

Thank you.


Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal

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