Netizens Ridicule Park Yoochun After He Opens Instagram Account

“Is this what you meant by volunteering?”

Netizens have been ridiculing Park Yoochun after finding out that he opened an Instagram account and was sharing his daily life with fans.

Park Yoochun was sentenced to a 2-year probation with 10 months of imprisonment if laws are broken with the probation time in addition to a 1,400,000 KRW ($1,189 USD) fine. He was released on July 2 after being detained for 68 days.


Just 4 days afer he was released, Park Yoochun opened a personal Instagram account and shared his first post. He introduced himself as a “life traveler” in his bio and blocked the comments function.


Park Yoochun only follows one account, which is that of his brother Park Yuhwan. Park Yuhwan also follows only Park Yoochun’s Instagram account.


Park Yoochun has been sharing photos of mainly his dog, scenery and food rather than himself.


In one of his more recent posts, he even revealed his name through a drawing of Yoochun. The writing in the picture reads, “Yoochun uncle”.


Netizens have been ridiculing Park Yoochun for shamelessly sharing his life with fans through social media despite almost having been sent to prison.

Source: Spotv News

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