Park Yoochun Banned From MBC For His Drug Charges

MBC made a statement.

Park Yoochun has officially been banned from appearing on all MBC content due to his drug conviction charges. According to an MBC representative, they had decided to add Park Yoochun on the banned-list starting in May after he was first accused of illegal drug use.

Park Yoochun hasn’t been on any MBC program for the past number of years. He was officially listed onto the suspension list after he admitted to his drug charges, the fact that he tested positive during a drug test, and his following arrest.

— MBC Representative

Park Yoochun had previously appeared on many MBC dramas, where he played the lead for Missing You (2012), Miss Ripley (2011), and more. He hadn’t been on any music or variety shows from MBC ever since he left TVXQ in 2009.

Park Yoochun was first accused of using drugs with Hwang Hana back in April. He first adamantly denied his drug use but later tested positive during a drug test. He later admitted to the charges and was convicted to 2-year probation with 10 months of imprisonment if he violates any laws within the period, protective supervision and drug treatment, as well as a 1.4 million KRW ($1,200 USD) fine.

Source: Spotv

Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal

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