Park Yoochun Reveals Photos From His Official Comeback Since His Drug Scandal And Retirement

Netizens are not happy with his announcement.

After launching his new official social media accounts, Park Yoochun announced that he’s officially making a comeback after half a year of retirement.

He uploaded photos from a shoot, with the captions, “I’m filming right now.” He’s seen dressed in a dandy gray suit while holding a bouquet of purple flowers towards his head.

He also showed some B-Cut shoots that appeared to look like profile photos or a magazine spread.

However, the netizens were not acceptive to his post as they criticized him for trying to make a comeback after his multiple scandals involving illegal drugs, lying, and sexual harassment.

Back in July, Park Yoochun was accused of using methamphetamine with his ex-fiancée. He continually denied the claims to the public until he was found guilty and charged.

“Does he literally not have a brain?”

“Didn’t he say he was retiring?…”

“I’m so disgusted.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The fans are even more disgusting..”

“Who would even hire him?”

— Netizens

Despite the backlash, Park Yoochun is preparing to make a comeback into the entertainment industry. He recently appeared on his younger brother’s Twitch and opened various social media accounts announcing his return.

Source: My Daily

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