Park Yoochun To Officially Cancel His Retirement Plans With An Online Fan Meeting

He’s coming out of retirement.

Park Yoochun is coming out of retirement by holding an online fan meeting. It will be his first official activity since he announced last year that he will be retiring from the industry after a series of scandals related to illegal drug use, sexual harassment case, and blatant lying to the press.

He plans to celebrate his birthday this year with his fans. His agency announced that Park Yoochun will be spending time with his fans and having a sincere conversation with them.

Park Yoochun will be holding a free online fan meeting for his fans on June 4.

This fan meeting will be held as Park Yoochun giving back to his fans. As he returns to promotions, he will sincerely greet his fans and share conversations with them.

— Park Yoochun’s Agency

Park Yoochun advertised the fan meeting on his social media, titling the event “Happy Birthday YU CHUN with Blue Cielo”. Blue Cielo appears to be his fandom name.

Park Yoochun had also announced that he will be selling a photobook and hold a signing for its release, but both have been delayed until July.

Yoochun denied his crimes multiple times before finally admitting to them after being found guilty. He had announced his retirement from the industry after the scandal, but decided to return earlier this year.

Source: Star News

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