JYP Doesn’t Understand Why He Is A Meme, We Don’t Understand Why Not

“I seriously can’t understand…”

In a recent episode of SBS‘s HanbamJ. Y. Park of JYP Entertainment revealed the actual stories behind his most popular “Boyfriend Memes” on the internet — and how he feels about netizens using his pictures for giggles.


ICYMI, here are the JYP-as-your-boyfriend memes:


JYP’s “Toast To Us, Baby” Meme

JYP’s “Say Ahh Babe” Meme


When the interviewer brought up these memes…

Interviewer: You know, there is something else that went super viral among young fans.
JYP: Which is…?
Interviewer: Your boyfriend memes!


… JYP expressed his utmost surprise at why these pictures of him ever went viral.

I seriously can’t understand what happened with these.

— J. Y. Park


He pointed out these pictures were never intended to be “boyfriend” shots…

I took this picture because TWICE made me…

— J. Y. Park


… and that they actually come with completely different background stories!

And this one, I took at some party because I was bored. I was thinking ‘Oh this is boring.’

— J. Y. Park


When the interviewer asked for JYP’s opinion on why the pictures ended up so viral, he was at his wit’s end.

This is one of the most unbelievable things that happened to me in my life, which I will never ever be able to understand why.

— J. Y. Park


He did, however, point out that he doesn’t mind cracking up the internet as memes if it means him putting more smiles on people’s faces.

If these silly memes going around the internet means people can see me as a funny, friendly guy… then I’m okay with that. I’d like to be remembered in that light by the general public.

— J. Y. Park


In that case, here’s a new one to use when you simply cannot, for the sake of JYP, understand!


— J. Y. Park


Watch the clip here: