JYP’s New Girl Group Trainees Gain Attention for Their Gorgeous Visuals

The Japanese contestants are getting a lot of attention for their natural beauty.

JYP Entertainment began holding auditions last year in various cities all over Japan and America, which was attended by more than 10,000 contestants, leading to 26 finalists.

Nina Hillman


These finalists trained in Tokyo, Japan for 6 days and 4 nights, and the process just began airing on Hulu TV as a series called Nizi Project.

What drew particular attention to the show was the fact that all 26 contestants showed off spectacular visuals.

Suzuno Miihi

But among the 26 contestants, the Japanese contestants stole the spotlight with their natural beauty.

Marutani Ayane

The Japanese-American Nina Hillman and Japanese Yokoi Rima flaunted what many perceived to be exotic beauty.

Ozaki Suzuho

In addition, contestants such as Marutani AyaneSuzuno Miihi, Ozaki Suzuho, and more brightened up the screen with their pale complexions and distinct facial features.

Yokoi Rima

Although the show has only begun, due to the success of JYP’s girl group, TWICE, which includes various Japanese members, there’s a lot of anticipation for what the contestants will have to offer.

Akari Inoue

Check out some more photos of the Japanese contestants below:

Hanada Erina

Lilika Kishida

Rio Hanabishi