JYP’s Rising Actress Left a Strong Impression with Her Version of TWICE’s “Likey”

She also did a hilarious rendition of BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

On a past episode of Happy Together 4, the rising JYP actress, Shin Ye Eun surprised the viewers with her rendition of TWICE‘s “Likey”.

Despite her shortcomings as a dancer, she managed to leave a favorable impression with her cute charms.


In the clip, the hosts can be seen reacting in a flustered manner.

Following the airing, JYP’s “jypactors_official” Instagram account uploaded a video along with the caption:

“Here’s a sneak peek of our new actress, Shin Ye Eun’s dance practice! This is how the dance she performed on “Happy Together 4″ was born. So cute.”

In the uploaded footage, Shin Ye Eun can be seen watching TWICE’s video on her phone and practicing her dancing.

Her fans couldn’t help but to laugh at her efforts and responded with favorable comments:

“She’s so lovable.”

“She’s adorable!”

“Her dancing’s a little lacking, but she’s so cute.”

She really is adorable, isn’t she?

Source: Insight