JYP Showed How Serious A Leader He Is When He Scolded ITZY

JYP doesn’t compromise when it comes to dancing.

On the most recent episode of Master in the House, the cast visited the JYP Entertainment building and received a tour by Park Jin Young himself. Near the end of the episode, the cast visited ITZY who were practising their choreography at the time.

This interaction provided some laughs due to the awkwardness of the interaction. Lee Seung Gi’s antics were a particular highlight.

JYP asked ITZY to show the cast the dance for their debut song, “DALLA DALLA”. As they began performing, the cast was very impressed with their razor-sharp choreography.

However, after a certain point, JYP’s face hardened and his expression grew serious.

He demanded the girls do it again after watching a certain point of their choreography. He was so serious that the cast questioned if he knew they were still shooting.

We’ll have to wait until the next episode of Master in the House airs to find out what made JYP so angry but netizens suspect it was ITZY’s expressions or a certain sloppy part of their choreography that isn’t immediately visible. You can watch how the situation unfolded below: