JYP Worries About Sohee So Much That He Tells Her To Bring Him Along When She Goes On Blind Dates

No offence, but the poor guy may just be scared off by him.

We all know that JYP treasures his artists lots and in return, most treat him like their father, or at the very least, a close uncle. Wonder Girls returned to their old stomping grounds for a chat with JYP himself, upon the news of Hyelim‘s upcoming wedding. But a friendly chat wasn’t all they had in store for him.

The girls started off by revealing to their ex-CEO that they had agreed for member Sohee to receive the bridal bouquet at the wedding. In Korea, as it can be said to be bad luck if one does not get married within the year of receiving the bouquet, it is routine that people pre-arrange who to throw it to.

Naturally, this alarmed their ex-CEO as he questioned if it meant that his precious mandoo was attached. He then emphasized his worry due to Sohee’s lack of discerning eye at times.

Watch him as he slowly loses his mind at the news!

Of course, in their sisterly fashion, Yubin defended Sohee saying that their baby was a smart cookie. This was only met with rebuttal by JYP who fumed that Sohee was nowhere near the rest of the girls in terms of street smarts.

But the girls had one last surprise up their sleeves for him. As Sunmi could not hold in her laughter anymore, they finally revealed to JYP that it was a hidden camera prank!

Even after they concluded the prank, JYP showed his concern for Sohee as he further nagged her, telling her that she has to bring the guys that she dates to him for clearance before she even goes out with them. He even volunteered to go on the first date with her!

Congratulations once again to Hyelim and who knows, maybe we will be able to hear good news from the rest of the girls soon too! You can watch the full exchange here.