K-ARMY Lost It Over Jin’s Special Shirt In BTS’s “Black Swan” MV

Jin’s “Black Swan” outfit was a trending topic in Korea.

If you were planning on doing something else, those plans are canceled. BTS‘s Worldwide Handsome Jin is killing everyone with his “Black Swan” visuals!

BTS had dropped a surprise music video for “Black Swan” that sent ARMY into panic mode. Nobody was ready to see BTS’s spellbinding dance moves performed in the lavish Los Angeles Theatre.

All the members are heart-stoppingly stunning in their “Black Swan” outfits, but Jin’s see-through shirt is attracting a lot of attention, especially from K-ARMY.

In less than an hour, “Kim Seokjin sheer shirt” became a top trending topic on Korea…

…for obvious reasons.

The last time Jin wore a sheer shirt, he had no idea it was see-through. So, the question is…does he know this time?

Check out the “Black Swan” MV here.