“K-Drama IRL” The American English Teacher Who Became The Wife Of Former 2nd-Gen Idol Group Leader

“Someone pitch the drama concept.”

YouTuber Rachel Kwon has been chronicling her life in Korea for over seven years, and in that time, she has amassed nearly 2 million followers across her social media accounts as fans consume content about her daily life and her sweet love story with a former idol group leader.

Rachel Kwon | @rachelheheh/Instagram

In 2014, Rachel Kwon moved to Korea from Louisiana with a fashion merchandising degree and a marketing minor.

She had been working as a waitress and in retail, and after a series of life changes and few job prospects in her area, she began looking for jobs in Korea after falling in love with the country during a trip she took in college.

After working with a job recruiter, she found a job teaching English in the center of Seoul. A few months after moving to Korea, she found herself on a girls’ night out, which ended in a hip-hop club in Gangnam.

Rachel Kwon admitted she wasn’t looking for someone to date at the time, but a group of well-dressed men in the corner of the club caught her attention.

The men ended up in a dance battle with a group of foreigners who happened to be from Rachel Kwon’s hometown.

One man from the group in the corner specifically caught Rachel’s eye as he was wearing a mask and hat in the club. After his impressive turn in the dance battle, he approached and kissed her hand, buying her a drink.

They spent the rest of the evening chatting at the club, and after Rachel Kwon returned home, he texted her to ask her on a date, and they have been inseparable ever since.

The “mysterious man” turned out to be J.Heart, the leader of the second-generation K-Pop group N-SONIC which debuted in 2011 and disbanded in 2016.


On July 8, 2021, which was also Rachel Kwon’s birthday, her now-husband, J.Heart, proposed to Kwon at home before surprising her with a rented private beach for the evening.

The two had a beautiful wedding, and J.Heart even performed a song he wrote and dedicated to her called “With Her.”

In the videos Rachel Kwon posts about their relationship, comments often point out how magical the union seems, with many noting that the unexpected way they came together and their continued romance seemed straight out of a K-Drama.

Comments from Rachel Kwon’s TikTok videos | @rachelheheh/TikTok

The beautiful couple recently celebrated ten years together as fans continue to cheer them on.

Check out more about their relationship in the video below!


10 years flew by

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