“Crash Course in Romance” K-Drama Scene Goes Viral For Being Hilariously Unrealistic

Viewers weren’t expecting the scene to be so funny.

The Korean drama Crash Course in Romance has kept viewers’ interest so well that it’s achieved high ratings. Part of why it’s so popular is its iconic scenes which have gone viral, including one that was so comedically unrealistic that fans couldn’t get enough.

In the latest viral scene, student Nam Hae E loses her balance and begins to fall backwards down the stairs.

Before she knew it, Hae E came to a stop in mid-air. Her classmate Seo Geon Hu had captured her, but left viewers puzzled about how he managed to do so. He was a distance away and had both of his hands free.

The camera then panned to show Geon Hu holding Hae E up with his leg, her back resting on his foot to defy gravity.

The unexpected move made one TikToker burst into a fit of laughter that racked up over three million likes and sixteen million views.


Bro I’m cryingggg🤣🤣🤣 is that physically possible? 😂😂😂 #crashcourseinromancekdrama #crashcourseinromance #kdrama

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Viewers in the comments were also amused by the scene, pointing out the endless ways that K-Dramas put funny twists on simple situations.

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The scene was so funny that it made its way to Twitter, where viewers couldn’t help cracking jokes about the unique take Crash Course in Romance used on a standard trope.

Check out the comedic scene that defies gravity and most likely human ability—even for an athlete.

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