The Unicorn Of K-Dramas: Only One Show Has Korea’s Best And Worst Viewership Ratings

It achieved the impossible.

Thousands of K-Dramas have aired since the 90s, but there’s only one show that has received the unheard-of feat of attaining the best and worst viewership ratings. It’s an incredible thing that still hasn’t been topped!

The drama is no other than ENA‘s Extraordinary Attorney Woo.


Featuring a main character on the autism spectrum, it showcased the joys and difficulties in the life of new female attorney, Woo Young Woo.


At the start of its run, the K-Drama saw viewership ratings hitting an all-time low of 0.9%.


But by the 16th and final episode, it received an average nationwide rating of 17.5%, which is incredibly difficult to achieve!


But what caused it to slowly but surely become one of the top K-Dramas of the year? Thousands of local and international viewers were drawn to its endearing characters…

…riveting law plot…

….and romantic love story. It’s unique plot drew many people to it, and they weren’t disappointed!

Meanwhile, check out one of the most powerful scenes in the K-Drama here:

This Powerful Scene In K-Drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Has Netizens Reflecting On Themselves, And Their Own Prejudices

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

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