“Start-Up” Actor Kim Seon Ho Reveals How He Gave Himself Those Magical Dimples… Not

Please do not try at home! 😂

As the heart-throb second lead, actor Kim Seon Ho is making K-Drama fans swoon hard with his undeniable chemistry with co-star Suzy in tvN‘s Start-Up.

Actor Kim Seon Ho | @seonho__kim/Instagram

While it is his “Good Boy” visual that has fans captivated…

Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyeong on “Start-Up”. | tvN

… the actor himself didn’t always like the way he looks. In his 2019 interview with W Korea, Kim Seon Ho revealed he “used to get really stressed out” about his trademark dimples!

During this interview, Kim Seon Ho recalled his childhood…

The young Kim Seon Ho. | @seonho__kim/Instagram

… and explained that he would always get teased about “looking like a girl” for having fair skin and pretty dimples.

Back in the days, I got teased a lot because my skin is on the paler side… and my dimples made me look girly, they said.

— Kim Seon Ho

So when a female classmate kept asking him about his dimples, the young Kim Seon Ho got cheeky with his answer! He told her he gave himself those magical dimples…

She followed me home, asking how she can get dimples too. But back then, praise felt equally as annoying. So me, being young — I told her that I placed hot peas on my cheeks and then ended up getting dimples.

— Kim Seon Ho

… only to have her completely believe it! Shortly after, the young Kim Seon Ho got an angry visit from the female classmate’s parents.

I guess she went home and really tried giving herself dimples with hot peas… Some time later, her mom came to my house!

— Kim Seon Ho

Now, Kim Seon Ho believes his dimples “serve as unique features” on his “otherwise boring” face. His fans don’t agree that his face is boring…

… but they sure do think those dimples are irresistible!

Source: W Korea
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