A K-Drama “Stole” BTS RM’s Lyrics…And ARMYs Couldn’t Be Happier

The drama is a few years old but most fans caught the connection just now.

A scene from a popular K-Drama recently went viral after a BTS fan pointed out how the script closely resembled one of the group’s songs.

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The drama in question is the first season of Tale Of The Nine Tailed, a famous fantasy show starring Lee Dong Wook. He plays the protagonist, a 100-year-old Gumiho (a supernatural nine-tailed fox from East Asian folklore) named Lee Yeon, who is searching for the reincarnation of his first love.

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The particular scene from this 2020 drama that has resurfaced is from its last episode, where Lee Yeon is finally going to marry the love of his life, Nam Ji Ah. The two exchange heartfelt confessions of love, and Ji Ah is happy that Lee Yeon has finally become a human being.

Lee Yeon says, “A human being, that’s quite an interesting word. If you grind down the corners of the ending consonant a little and make it round, it becomes ‘love…About being a human, I’m not confident about that, but I’m confident about loving you.”

The dialogue immediately rang a bell for an ARMY, who recognized that it was inspired by RM’s 2018 song, “Trivia: Love.” It is often considered one of the best lyrical works of the BTS leader, especially for the chorus where he raps, “I’m just a human, human, human/You erode all my edges/ And turn me into love, love, love.” 

English translation of RM’s “Trivia: Love” | Genius

In these lines, RM is playing with the similar-sounding words “사람” (Sa-ram, meaning “Person”) and “사랑” (Sa-rang, meaning “Love”). But his next-level genius is reflected in how he turns their visual similarity into a poetic metaphor. In the Korean alphabet, the “m” sound is represented by a rectangular shape(ㅁ), while the “ng” sound is represented by a circular character(ㅇ). If you erode the edges of a rectangle, it turns circular. And that’s how “Sa-ram” becomes “Sa-rang.” It is a beautiful analogy of how love can soften you and make you whole.

It seems that the K-drama dialogue directly took the concept from RM’s lyrics, and ARMYs couldn’t be more excited about it. Those who hadn’t watched the show got curious to check it out, while the ones who had already watched it enthusiastically pointed out how they could or couldn’t identify the reference.


Some also guessed that the scriptwriter must be an ARMY as well.

This has to count as one of the most iconic ways to cameo in a K-Drama without even appearing on screen!