K-Netizens Agree NMIXX’s Sullyoon Has Grown Up To Be A Natural Beauty

Such a queen!

K-Pop fans already know just how legendary NMIXX Sullyoon’s visuals are, but if you take a look at her younger photos, you can see that she was just born with the visuals from the beginning. Recently an online community board shared a photo of Sullyoon from the second grade and gained much attention from fans.

| Sullyoon’s Bubble

This photo was posted on Sullyoon’s Bubble account in which she gave permission for the photo to be shared online. In the photo, fans could see that she’s had the same face since she was young, which blossomed into a beautiful young lady.

| theqoo

K-Netizens who saw the photo couldn’t believe just how well she had grown up.

  • “Wow she is just so pretty. She looks like a doll.”
  • “How can her face be so perfect in elementary school. So pretty.”
  • “She’s a baby angel princess doll.”
  • “Wow she’s just been pretty her whole life.”
  • “I’m just so shocked at how pretty she is.”
Source: theqoo