K-Pop Music Videos Are Now Being Filmed In This Country

These 5 K-Pop music videos showcase the various facets of the fabulous city of Hong Kong and are evidence of the growing trend in K-Pop to shoot music videos in the city that never sleeps.

Hong Kong is known for beautiful landscapes, electric nightlife, and unique settings. These diverse elements seem to create a sort of eye candy that audiences can’t get enough of. Since music videos are one of the major components of the K-Pop aesthetic, fans have come to expect a high caliber of imagery and scenery and Hong Kong is more than happy to deliver.

The following 5 videos are just a few examples of K-Pop MVs shot in the great city of Hong Kong:

 LOOΠΔ 1/3 – “Love and Live”

This female K-Pop group shot their fast-moving music video in urban areas within residential Hong Kong and used an upbeat sports concept that hooked many fans from the get go. This video engages the viewer with its beauty and colorful backdrops.


SEVENTEEN‘s songs are always full of amazing lyrics and their music videos are just as creative. The Check-In MV was shot in Hong Kong and takes advantage of some of the city’s most iconic locations.

DIA “Somehow”

DIA’s Somehow MV takes the audience on a tour of the fascinating streets of Hong Kong and into the busy life of its residents. The video pays homage to the beautiful waters, amazing buildings, and businesses that help make Hong Kong the prosperous city it is. The video doesn’t shy away from showing the crowded streets and gives off an air of authenticity without compromising on creative beauty.

Suzy – “Yes No Maybe”

This music video focuses on a romantic theme, set in a much more urban environment. This dark music video shows the many emotions of Suzy, while the locations help to add a sense of Hong Kong’s nightlife. The beautiful K-Pop idol walks the wet, dark streets alone in a city that truly never sleeps.

TEEN TOP “I wanna love”

Unlike the other groups on this list, TEEN TOP brings the audience to the industrial locations of Hong Kong, showcasing a grittier side as the fans are taken across the murky water of this location. This theme is carried into the night, with a metropolitan feel that decorates the video in neon lights and fast driving transportation.