Kai Claimed Chanyeol Has The Best Body In EXO, And No One Was Prepared

They came with receipts!

EXO-Ls know that the members of EXO aren’t just talented singers, dancers, and rappers…


They’ve also got amazing bodies!


And while fans have seen their abs in the past…


Nobody was prepared for Kai‘s best body pick or the picture that followed!


Last time the group was on Knowing Brothers, Baekhyun chose Sehun as having the best body (even if his words were a little… interesting).


But this time the decision was up to Kai! Since Kai showed off his midriff in “Tempo”…


And is known to have jaw-dropping abs, the cast wanted to know which member had the best body according to Kai.


He didn’t hesitate to name Chanyeol as having the best bod!


While fans know he’s been working out…


They were not prepared to see his rock-hard abs!


EXO-Ls were completely destroyed by the pictures, in the best way possible of course!


And many have been wondering why they’d never been blessed with this picture before!


Now since we’ve all seen his gloriously sculpted body, the only question left is, will we get to see more of it in the future?