Kai And Jennie’s Relationship News Is The Most Unexpected Dating Scandal Ever For 1 Reason

Hint: It has to do with company rules!

When the news of EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s relationship broke, it came as a huge shock to everyone on New Year’s day and despite some fans suspicions that Jennie was in a relationship before the news broke, it’s quickly become one of the most unexpected dating scandals ever!

(★BREAKING) SM Entertainment Confirms Kai and Jennie Are Really Dating


It may seem like every dating scandal is huge news, and it certainly is, but fans were especially stunned by this pairing. Not because they aren’t the perfect couple because they are…

7 Reasons Why Kai And Jennie Make The Perfect Couple


But because of their company’s strict rules. SM Entertainment is known to be one of the stricter companies but they’re not overly strict about dating. A number of their idols have dated over the years and SM Entertainment was also the first company to confirm the Kai and Jennie news!

(★BREAKING) SM Entertainment Confirms Kai and Jennie Are Really Dating


It’s actually YG Entertainment that is more strict than anyone realizes. A while ago, iKON‘s Bobby revealed that YG Entertainment wasn’t as carefree about their idols as they first appeared to be.


The company is extremely strict with their idols and imposes a heavy dating ban.


In fact, Bobby even said he wasn’t allowed to meet the BLACKPINK members outside of music shows!


So not only is Kai and Jennie’s relationship shocking enough already, it’s very unexpected because of all the strict rules surrounding YG Entertainment artists.

So how can Jennie date Kai without breaking YG Entertainment’s rules? Well, fans suspect that there’s a loophole that allows them to date idols from different companies!