7 Reasons Why Kai And Jennie Make The Perfect Couple

They have a lot in common.

Dispatch‘s breaking news about EXO Kai‘s and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s relationship took fans by surprise, but many agree that this power couple is well suited to each other. After all, they have so much in common! Here are 7 reasons why the “Nini Couple” is the perfect couple.


1. They have the same nickname

Although Kai and Jennie both have a number of nicknames, there is one they share: Nini.

Fans love this coincidence so much that they’re still debating whether to call this ship “Nini Couple” or “JenKai”.

“Nini” also happens to be the name of Jennie’s favorite teddy bear doll. How cute!


2. They’re both dog lovers

There’s nothing more beautiful than when two diehard dog lovers get together.

Jennie and Kai both love their furry friends to pieces, and fans have discovered a special coincidence between this couple and their pets…

Fans Claimed Jennie Named Her Dog After Kai…But Here’s The Full Story

Jennie’s dog is named Kai too!


3. They look gorgeous together

Talk about a visual couple!

Kai and Jennie are both known for their magnificent visuals…

…so fans are hoping for more opportunities to see these beautiful people side by side.


4. They share an adorable sense of humor

Jennie and Kai can both come off as being cold and unapproachable on stage…

…but off stage fans know they’re both down to earth people who with bright personalities and a great sense of humor!


5. They’re incredible dancers

Um, can we get a Nini Couple stage ASAP? These two are very talented dancers, who would no doubt put on a powerful, sexy performance together if given the chance.

The only question is: can fans handle it?


6. They share the same astrological sign

Jennie’s birthday is January 16, 1996. Kai’s is January 14, 1994.

They were both two years and two days apart, which makes them both Capricorns. No wonder they’re so similar!


7. They’re both fashionistas

The Nini Couple loves their designer brands, like Chanel and Gucci…

…and they look amazing in it too!

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