The Spooktacular Look Of Kang Daniel’s Agency Cafe Has All The Guys And Ghouls Going Wild

The cafe is filled with thrills and chills:

Halloween is right around the corner and we all know what that means β€” tricks, treats, and plenty of spooktacular stuff! And no place is combining those qualities quite like Kang Daniel‘s agency cafe, Cafe De KONNECT.

Usually bright, cheerful, and filled with cute decorations, this Halloween the cafe underwent an eerie transformation.

With muted lighting giving the whole place a spookier atmosphere, the decorations took things to a whole other level. Giant spiders took over the walls while skeletons found their way into the display cases.

Pictures that changed as you moved past them and bowls that reached out to grab those nearby added another layer to the Halloween feel.

And although some of the regular decorations were still on display, even they got a bit of a new Halloween look displayed behind caution tape!

The decor wasn’t the only thing ready to bring the thrills and chills, however. Serving up some drinks like “blood” and “monster”, the cafe introduced a special menu just for the occasion.

Topping everything off, the cafe has also been serving up some special candy treats through November 1 for those brave enough to try both drinks!

With plenty of tricks, treats, and spooktacular decorations, it’s no wonder that all the ghouls and guys are going wild for the next-level Halloween atmosphere.

Source: The Qoo

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