Kang Daniel’s Interaction With This Reporter Shows What A True Sweetheart He Is

He’s got a heart of gold.

On September 20, 2019, Kang Daniel was spotted at the Incheon International Airport. He, like most K-Pop idols are, is used to having a fleet of Korean press show up at his departures and arrivals. His recent interaction with one of the reporters, however, has his fans completely charmed.


As Kang Daniel walked through the crowd that showed up to see him fly out to Kuala Lumpur for his fan meeting, he flashed the cameras with his best smile and unending finger hearts.


Despite the number of people hovering around him, Kang Daniel never lost his smile. He kept making eye contact with different cameras and reporters, letting them capture the entirety of his appearance at the airport.


During this time, he recognized one of the reporters whom he had seen before —


or, to be specific, that reporter’s hairstyle change. Kang Daniel sweetly waved at the reporter and pointed out the reporter’s hair. This brief interaction was caught on the reporter’s camera which, as soon as it went live, became Kang Daniel fans’ absolute favorite airport moment!

Your hair!

— Kang Daniel


In case you’re wondering, here is what the reporter’s hair looked like before — as Kang Daniel remembers it:

Reporter in white “London” shirt


And here’s what it looked like on the day of Kang Daniel’s departure:

Reporter in green shirt


Fans now think it is this kind of attention-to-detail and sensitivity that makes Kang Daniel and his performances different. All in all, Kang Daniel is a complete sweetheart — not only to his fans, but to everyone around him helping his career take off!


Watch the full clip here:

Kang Daniel