Kang Daniel Attends Fan Meeting Even Though He’s Still Extremely Sick

Kang Daniel still showed up at a recent fan meeting despite being extremely ill with flu.


He was recently confirmed to be temporarily out of Wanna One’s activities after suffering from high fever and dizziness. 

(★BREAKING) Wanna One Kang Daniel Having Difficulty Walking And Speaking Due To Extreme Fever

In fact, he was so ill he was initially finding it it difficult to walk. 

However, he decided to keep his promise with his fans. 

On the day of the fan meeting, he was seen still looking a bit gaunt, opting to sit next to the members. 

His voice also sounded a bit hoarse than usual which broke the hearts of his fans. 

Despite already adjusting his schedule to recover, Kang Daniel apparently was looking forward to meet his fans, even if it meant jut showing his face. 

“Hello. Oh, what should I do? 

I am sorry that I cannot manage my health properly and cannot have a good time with my members and fans.”

-Kang Daniel

Fans responsed by chanting that he should recover quickly before bowing to them and went off stage supported by staff. 

…but were more than pleased that he was able to keep his promise. 

Get well soon, Daniel!

Source: Dispatch