Kang Daniel Chooses His Harry Potter House, Fans Believe It’s A Perfect Fit

Sounds about right!

In celebration of the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) week, Kang Daniel has turned into a radio show host, interacting with his listeners all throughout the holidays!


During his first segment ever, Kang Daniel discussed his “Harry Potter” house and why he thought he’d be a good fit for that particular house.

If I were to enter Hogwarts and live in one of the houses, where would I be sorted into?

— Kang Daniel


On the “Kang Daniel Show”, Kang Daniel read aloud for his listeners the four houses in the Harry Potter series and their characteristics described in simple phrases.

So the characteristic of each house was described in these short sentences. A Gryffindor will die for you. A Slytherin will kill for you. A Ravenclaw will survive with you. And a Hufflepuff will die with you.

— Kang Daniel


After a brief moment to think his options over, Kang Daniel chose the Ravenclaw House!

For me… I think… I’ll find a way to survive. I’m going to say I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m not about extreme choices. I’m more about finding the beauty in making things work.

— Kang Daniel


The House Ravenclaw, known for valuing intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit,  is in fact a perfect match for Kang Daniel!


Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s fans are totally in love with his voice. They can’t wait to hear more of the “Kang Daniel Show” throughout the holidays – and remain hopeful for his future as a potential radio show host!


Listen to Kang Daniel talk about his Harry Potter house here:

Source: THEQOO

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