Kang Daniel Opens Up About Close Friendship With SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

Their friendship is so pure!

Kang Daniel recently made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s 2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.

While reading comments, one of Kang Daniel’s fans shared that she loves the lyrics and it makes her want to travel. Kang Daniel agreed in response to the fan and said that he wanted to write those lyrics and that he wants to get a one-way ticket and travel without any thoughts.

Radio DJ Kim Tae Gyun then asked him if there was any celebrity he wants to travel with. He answered with “I’m the closest to SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi, and Woozi likes sports, so I want to go to Greenland with him and ski together.”

They have been spotted by fans interacting a lot during award shows and have shown that they’re really the best buddies out there!

Although many fans already know about their friendship, they are glad to know that they have developed close ties with each other, where they can think of travelling together.

Source: XSport News