Kang Daniel Shares The Touching Reason Why He Makes Sure To Give Reactions During “Street Woman Fighter” Battles Despite Criticism

YGX’s Yell even praised him.

Kang Daniel has recently been active as the MC for Street Woman Fighter. While he certainly is a very good candidate for the job, given his previous experience as an underground B-Boy as well as a survival program winner, his reactions were criticized by some as “over-the-top” and “unnecessary“. Some even went as far as to claim that he “breaks the flow” with his audio reactions during battles.

Kang Daniel took to his Dear. U Bubble to explain to fans the reason for his reactions, and it is quite the touching one.

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He knew that he had to try to match up to what the viewers wanted, but more than that, he wanted to help the participants feel better.

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Well, if you watch battle videos, you will know but there are times where the beat comes out and it isn’t very exciting. If it gets quiet at such times, then the mood might get awkward. I know that I have to cater to the needs of the viewers as its a broadcast. But the environment for the participants needs to be one where they can do better, so the show can be more fun, don’t you think? I thought that Danitys might be curious, why I adlib so much. This is also because when I went around doing battles frequently in the past, it was really great when the MCs did so. Especially since as part of the battle rules, it might not be a song that you know that comes out. There’s people that will not be able to hear as its noisy or they are nervous, so I wanted to help that a little. That’s the end of my explanation.

— Kang Daniel

His MCing skills during battles have also been praised by YGX‘s Yell, who is an acclaimed B-Girl herself.

Pic with the best MC in Street Woman Fighter @daniel.k.here I wanted to see him in person if I got the chance to and I finally did, at a dance battle program no less…! It was my honor to meet him. I was able to dance without feeling much foreign during the battles even though it was on a show, thanks to his reactions and speeches that reflected his experience and how he carried the show much like a real street scene battle. And I’m thankful for whenever he treated the participants with wit and consideration during the filming. A day where we can dance together as dancers and not with him as an MC… That’s my small wish.

— Yell

It is no doubt that Kang Daniel was indeed the perfect fit for the role!

Source: theqoo