You’re Going To Love Kang Daniel’s New “Girlfriend”

Can you say “aww”?

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel recently welcomed a new lady into his life, and Wannables are already falling in love with her.


Ori, a sweet little kitty, joined Kang Daniel’s cat family sometime between International Cat Day (August 8) and Hwang Minhyun‘s birthday (August 9).


This news may not surprise fans who already know how big of a cat lover Kang Daniel is.


Ori is now the third “girl” with a claim on Kang Daniel’s heart, after her big sisters Rooney and Peter.


(And, yes, they’re both female!)


Kang Daniel seems to have decided to play it safe this time by going with a gender-neutral name. “Ori” comes from the Korean word 오리 (ori), which means “duck”. A cat named “duck”? How adorable is that?


Speaking of adorable, how about this affectionate ear nibble?


In the past, netizens haven’t always approved of mouth-to-pet contact…

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…but thankfully, the response to Kang Daniel’s nibbling has been overwhelmingly positive. After all, what’s a little ear bite between friends?


His other cats certainly don’t seem to mind it!


Kang Daniel just can’t get enough of his new kitty…


…and neither can Wannables. Already, they’ve created fan art of this lovable family!


Kang Daniel’s love for cats is endless, so there’s no telling how many more he’ll adopt in the future!


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