Kang Daniel Is Such A Homebody That He Once Didn’t Leave His House For A Month

Any homebodies in the house?

Kang Daniel, who is gearing up for his comeback with his third mini album, [YELLOW], made an appearance on KBS2’s Problem Child In House.

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During the show, he admitted that he was quite the homebody that loved to just chill and relax at home. “I usually just like being alone at home. I once didn’t go outside for a month.”

After hearing that, singer Min Kyung Hoon responded, “I once only went outside twice in the span of three months”, as he tried to compete with Kang.

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When asked what he did at home, Kang revealed that he liked to “play games and watch movies”. He especially liked watching documentaries as there were many interesting ones out.

He also admitted that he really doesn’t look at his phone while at home.

I really don’t touch my phone when I’m at home. If my friends ask to come over while I’m resting, I usually tell them to meet me through the computer. It’s a hassle to have to clean after my friends come and go.

— Kang Daniel

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As much as he is a homebody, he also loves to drink alcohol alone.

I usually prefer beer or wine. I drink with no snacks because it makes my stomach uncomfortable.

— Kang Daniel

On the other hand, stay tuned for his “Antidote” music video release on April 13 at 6 PM KST!

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