Kang Daniel Keeps Flashing The Top Of His Head At The Camera And Fans Are Confused AF

“What is he doing…?”

Kang Daniel is well known for his deep-rooted love for his fans and his undying effort to communicate and interact with them.


This enthusiasm to stay connected with his fans has been showing up in his recent behavior of flashing the top of his head at different cameras…

Let me show you the top of my head!

— Kang Daniel


… but fan are confused as to what Kang Daniel is trying to do!

Here’s the top of my head!

— Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel’s fans have, in the past, discussed how he does have a lot of hair – and how it makes the top of head seem very full and voluminous…


… and now they are wondering if Kang Daniel came across that discussion. Could it be that Kang Daniel saw something and thought his fans want to see more of his fluffiness?


Possibly. Whatever it is though, Kang Daniel’s fans can’t help but UWU at whatever he thinks he’s doing for the fans. And inevitably, they are greatly appreciating the abundance of opportunities to check out the top of his head so often!

Source: THEQOO

Kang Daniel

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