Kang Daniel Looks Stunning While Meetings Fans For A Guerrilla Date

Handsome even in candid photos.

Kang Daniel released partnered up with KBS‘s Entertainment Weekly for a guerrilla date in Hongdae, and he looks stunning as he meets with fans.

kang daniel hongdae

The episode has yet to be aired, but people are already looking forward to Daniel’s appearance. Many note how handsome he looks with his brown hair and his long coat, citing that this style suits him best.

kang daniel hongdae1

Netizens note how many people turned up for the guerrilla date, which only goes to show that Kang Daniel’s popularity continues to increase. The artist debuted as a solo artist earlier this year, and despite being unable to promote on music shows and variety programs, his single still ranked at #1 on numerous charts.

kang daniel hongdae2

Fans were seen walking with Daniel as he spoke to the MCs and interacted with the audience, and many commend him for keeping his calm despite the crown. Many agree that it made him look even cooler!

That’s no normal aura. That’s a celebrity aura.

– Korean Netizen

kang daniel hongdae3

He even looks handsome from the back!

kang daniel hongdae5

It is unknown when the episode will be airing, but people expect it to be released late 2019 or early 2020. Keep an eye out for updates on the episode’s release!

kang daniel hongdae4

Source: Pann
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