Kang Daniel’s “What Are You Up To” Choreography Receives Praise For Being “Different”

Fans love the “street” feel.

On his YouTube channel, Kang Daniel uploaded a “Special Clip” of his choreography to the song “What Are You Up To” and it’s leaving the viewers feeling groovy AF!


Korean netizens are noticing the stylistic differences in Kang Daniel’s latest choreography and are praising him for experimenting with this kind of “street” vibe.


Unlike a lot of the K-Pop choreographies, often structured with certain key gestures repeating, Kang Daniel’s new dance routine is based more on a groovier street-style, with non-repetitious movements.


Fans also noticed that while the dancers are not completely in-sync, they are completely harmonious in movements. The viewers are digging this not-so-structured feel and are calling it refreshing to watch.


Kang Daniel’s physique, tall with long arms and legs, actually adds to the overall groovy, fluid, street-dance vibe that the song and the choreography give off.


Fans are commenting that Kang Daniel’s natural style of dance and vibe fit the choreography really well, becoming a complete visual blessing for the fans!


Watch the full video here:

Source: THEQOO

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