Kang Daniel Doesn’t Think He’s Cute, But Then He Charmed Everyone With This Adorable Reaction

He can keep denying, but it’s the truth.

At a recent fan meeting event, Kang Daniel‘s fans asked Kang Daniel if he thinks he is cute. Kang Daniel said no and commented that he really doesn’t see the cuteness in him. But when he proceeded to interact with the fans in a playful way, he made sure everyone in the room knows simply how adorable he can be.


While on the post-it asking “Why do you think you’re not cute?”, Kang Daniel created his own answer choice and checked off, “4. Because I really don’t see it…”

Why do you think you’re not cute? (Unbelievable)
1. Because you’ve heard it so many times
2. Because you’re too shy to admit that you are
3. Because you think you’re more on the handsome side


… he knew exactly how to use his cuteness to drive the fans crazy! When another fan asked Kang Daniel to stick his tongue out, he refused in this most adorable way.


In fact, throughout the fan meeting, Kang Daniel was spotted being super cute and interactive with the fans.


So in the end, Kang Daniel cutely denying the fact that he’s cute and being cute while turning down a fan’s request for a cute pose is now one of the cutest videos to have blessed the internet world!


Kang Daniel and his natural born “aegyo” fueled personality will always make him irrefutably cute. That’s that, no matter what Kang Daniel says!

Kang Daniel