Kang Daniel Posts Handwritten Letter Revealing He’s Ready To Start Again

He has returned.

Kang Daniel will be resuming activities as revealed in his handwritten letter to his fans on January 29 KST. Kang was confirmed with depression and anxiety in December of last year and stopped promotions to receive proper rest.


His letter opens with an apology to fans for leaving so abruptly during promotions, “It was a very cold winter for me and in order to overcome it I needed some winter sleep. I am sorry for leaving without saying a proper good night.”


He continues the letter by expressing his wish to return to his rightful place as a singer. “The cold winter has come to an end, and at the end is also the start of spring. I will get myself up and welcome the spring. It’s time for me to wake up.”


He also promises to give back even more than he has received from his fans and wishes for a happy 2020. “I will give back even more than I have received and make sure there are more happy days this year. I will make 2020 a happy year.”


Below is his full handwritten letter:

Hello this is Kang Daniel. The lunar New Year has passed and a month has already passed since we started 2020. How are my DANITY’s doing after the long winter? It was a very cold winter for me. In order to overcome it, I needed some winter sleep. I’m sorry that I left without saying good night. I knew I had to say something before leaving and I’m sorry that I am apologizing about this so late.


The cold winter has gone and spring is starting. All your warm stories brought spring here and I will get up again to welcome the spring. Thank you to those who supported me even through the sudden news. All your messages on the fan café really touched my heart. Thank you for listening, supporting, and waiting for me through this hard time. I know no matter how many times I say thank you that it won’t be enough.


I will get up now. I will give back more than I have received and make sure that there are more happy days. I hope that there are more days of laughter this year. Let’s make 2020 a happy year. Thank you my DANITY.


We wish Kang Daniel all the best!

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