Kang Daniel Reveals Which Song From His “Yellow” Mini-Album Was The Most Difficult To Write

He’s a great songwriter!

Kang Daniel recently dropped his new mini-album Yellow back on along with a music video for its title track “Antidote.” While “Antidote” is a huge hit, Kang Daniel shared in his interview with MTV Asia that it was a tough song for him to write.

In his interview with MTV Asia, Kang Daniel answered several questions sent it in by his many fans. One question asked, “You are credited as one of the writers for all the songs in the Yellow album. Can you tell us which song is the hardest to write and why?

Kang Daniel replied that while “PARANOIA” was quite easy for him to write, “Antidote” was difficult.

‘Antidote’ was a bit difficult for me. Lyrics of ‘PARANOIA’ are something that happened recently but the lyrics of ‘Antidote’ seem to have a different tendency than my personality.

— Kang Daniel

In order to write “Antidote,” Kang Daniel revealed he approached lyricist JQ, who worked on the album with Kang Daniel, for opinions and ideas.

During the preperation process, I shared opinions with JQ hyung who worked face-to-face with me and asked for his help a lot because this part is difficult to express.

— Kang Daniel

Check out Kang Daniel’s interview with MTV Asia below:

Kang Daniel