Kang Daniel Reveals The Scariest Encounter He Had With His Mother…And It Could Cause Goosebumps

An angry mother is the scariest person in the world.

Kang Daniel has never been afraid to show love and affection towards his mother, even dedicating time on broadcasts to her.

On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Kang Daniel shares some more details about his mother, such as how much of an athlete she was.

He also talks about an absolutely terrifying story of his mom finding out he was lying to her. Kang Daniel always hated studying, so he decided to skip going to his academy session, but lied to his mom saying that he actually went.

Daniel actually went to an internet cafe to play games instead of going to his academy.

There was a curfew for minors to leave before 10 P.M., so it was almost time for Daniel to leave once it hit 9:40 P.M.

Daniel couldn’t help but feel this chilly feeling lingering around him and felt someone was watching him.

He turned around and saw his mother just staring at him.

Daniel went home and got punished by having to do push-ups at home.

Daniel’s mother found him despite him being at an internet cafe quite far from their home.

Watch the full video below!

Kang Daniel