Kang Daniel Tells His Fans Not To Blame Him If They Sleep In

Not sure if he’s joking, or trying to scare his fans! LOL!

Kang Daniel made a guest appearance on KBS’s Entertainment Weekly, where he had a guerrilla date with his fans.

He went to Hongdae to meet up with some of his fans and spend some time with them to catch up.

The public went wild and the crowd easily grew when they started to find out that Kang Daniel was in the area.

Kang Daniel particularly looked good that night as well, making sure he looks handsome as ever as he meets some of his Danity!

His fans surely had an enjoyable time after playing some games with Kang Daniel.

Fans were also able to remind Daniel of their love for him, where they showered him with multiple “I love you’s,” and threw compliments at him left and right!

On his interview after the guerrilla date, Kang Daniel was asked to give his fans a morning call to complete his mission.

Instead of the usual energetic tone to encourage fans to wake up and not be late for school or work, Kang Daniel used his sweet and soft voice and told them to sleep for 5 more minutes instead.

My Danity, sleep for just 5 more minutes, okay?

Even the interviewer couldn’t help, but gush over Kang Daniel’s cheesy message and sweet voice!

Here’s the catch, though!

He added that his fans shouldn’t blame him if they sleep in and end up being late for work!

Kang Daniel sure knows how to joke with his fans, but at the same time making sure they stay disciplined!

Watch the full video here:

Kang Daniel