Kang Daniel Totally Forgets To Introduce His Own Song During Music Program

It’s so funny but so cute.

Kang Daniel has finally made his comeback with his first mini-album CYAN. All tracks from his album were released on March 24 KST which included five tracks.

The title track for this album is called “2U” is about knowing that there is someone supporting you even in the midst of a difficult situation.

In an interview with Night of Real Entertainment, he revealed that the song sounded like spring to him.

On March 27, he held his comeback on KBS Music Bank and had a little interview the hosts. Throughout the entire interview, it was quite evident that he was nervous to be there. He made it through all the questions but at the end, when they asked him about his special comeback show, he completely forgot to introduce his song and just jumped to the next part of the script.

Afterwards, he posted this Instagram story online, showing how frustrated he was for not introducing his own song!

“Introduce your song “Jealous” gahhhh!”

Watch the full interview clip below!

Fans who saw this couldn’t help but think it was so cute!

Take a look at his comeback stage below!

Kang Daniel