Kang Daniel Wanted To Use His Popularity To Do Good, So He Decided To Wear These Shoes

Kang Daniel is beloved not just for his good looks and amazing dance skills, but also for his well-known good manners and loving personality.

Recently, Kang Daniel surprised fans when they got a glimpse of his caring personality even in his choice of shoes.

He was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport rocking a particular pair of white sneakers.

Fans soon discovered that the sneakers were a special model called “LAKAI KR” from LAKAI. 

Fans were surprised to see him rocking this particular pair of shoes but soon discovered that he decided to wear it to promote awareness for Dokdo.

Part of the profits from this shoe is planned to be used to preserve and raise awareness for the Korean island, Dokdo.

The shoes are selling at around $60 USD, but since it’s been shown that Kang Daniel’s rocking them, they will surely sell out soon! You can check its review by ShoeAdviser.

Source: Insight

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