Kang Daniel’s Agency Employees Answer Questions About Him And They’re Quite Funny

Congrats to Daniel and his agency!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Kang Daniel‘s agency KONNECT Entertainment, they made a special video asking questions to both Kang and the employees.

This marks a special day for Kang Daniel as he set up this agency after winning the lawsuit with his previous agency, LM Entertainment. He is registered as the CEO of KONNECT Entertainment and KD Corporation.

In the video, they decided to ask the same questions they asked to him to the employees as a fun way to celebrate their one year anniversary as a team.

The first question asked what their first impression of Kang Daniel was.

These were their answers!

“Personally my heart ached for him. That’s how I felt then.”

“So I felt that I should be a shield for him.”

Kang Daniel, although the answers were sent in anonymously, could tell right away who they were.

“He is the same as when I first met him.”

“He is like a bright young man.”

“A power celebrity.”

“He is like a bright 24 year old cousin that doesn’t listen.”

The next question asked what Kang Daniel meant to them.

“My future.”

Kang Daniel couldn’t help but laugh at the answer!

“My work.”

“A ray of happiness.”

“An artist that has the same humor as me.”

“A prism because he shows off different images and colors based on the situation and how you see it.”

“Love and hate”

When asked what their favorite song was out of all his songs, one answer made Daniel laugh.

“I don’t have one yet.”

They make it clear that this Q&A quiz was made purely for fun and should not be taken seriously! Congrats to Kang Daniel for the agency’s one year anniversary. To check out more of the questions and answers, watch the full video below!

Kang Daniel