Kang Dong Won Addresses Harsh Criticism of His Appearance at “Peninsula” Press Conference

Kang Dong Won was criticized for both his face and outfit after the press conference.

The handsome actor, Kang Dong Won recently held a live broadcast on YouTube where he spoke up about the controversy surrounding his appearance at a recent press conference for his upcoming film, Peninsula.


The live broadcast also showed Kang Dong Won participating in a photoshoot with a long hairstyle, and fans raved over it with comments such as “That’s crazy“, “His long hair should be the law“, “Look at his fashion sense and proportions“, and “Please release the photos immediately“.

But unlike that positive response, Kang Dong Won was recently hit with harsh criticism for his appearance when he attended a press conference for Peninsula.

Not only did netizens criticize his “middle-aged” fashion style, but they also attacked him for not looking as handsome as he has been famous for.

And the 39-year-old Kang Dong Won had something to say about that in the live broadcast.

He expressed,

My face was bloated that day, and my condition wasn’t great either. Now that I’m older, I have my good days and my bad days.

– Kang Dong Won

In an online showcase following the press conference, Kang Dong Won proved that he’s still handsome as ever in a different outfit.

But as it is for most stars, there are always netizens who try to bring others down.

So it’s good to see that Kang Dong Won has a sense of humor about the controversy and doesn’t really care what people say.

Because he’s still good-looking AF.

Source: Insight