Kang Hodong’s Past Advice To Ahn Jaehyun Comes To Light, Receives Heavy Criticism

“So do we only do skinship in the house?”

Kang Hodong and Ahn Jaehyun have previously worked together in the show “New Journey To The West.” Following Ahn Jaehyun’s public divorce with his wife Koo Hyesun, Kang Hodong’s past advice to him has come to light.

When on the topic of how to avoid fights, Kang Hodong proclaimed, “There is only one way to avoid fights with your wife. Just don’t talk to her! Your marriage is real now! As a hyung, I’m giving you some realistic advice.”

Ahn Jaehyun responded by asking, “So do we only do skinship in the house?”

“Huh? That’s useless! Just don’t do anything!” Kang Hodong exclaimed.

Not completely agreeing, Ahn Jaehyun said, “But doing nothing is still doing something.”

Netizens have since unearthed this conversation and have began heavily criticizing Kang Hodong.

Seriously I wish I wouldn’t have to compare them, but Yoo Jaesuk is just so different from him. How can he think that the way he’s saying this would sound like advice?

– Korean Netizen

How would it help Ahn Jaehyun if all the men around him are like that ㅡ even the 1N2D guys are all like that.

– Korean Netizen

Most comments talked about how unhealthy it is to avoid talking to one’s spouse.

Not talking is the worst advice you could give…

ㅡ Korean Netizen

Do they think this is funny? To not have conversations as a married couple…sigh tsk tsk

– Korean Netizen

What do you think of Kang Hodong’s advice?

Source: Nate

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