Kang So Ra Says She’s Finally Ready for a Serious Relationship

“Now that I’m older, I should be more serious.”

Kang So Ra recently spoke in an interview about love and relationships ahead of her 2020 film, Secret Zoo.

Kang So Ra expressed that she feels like the time has come for her to start dating.

I’ve been thinking and I think I want to start dating. Work is important too, but I heard there’s a right time for everything. I heard that I shouldn’t expect too much and be ready to compromise.

– Kang So Ra

When asked about her ideal type, Kang So Ra explained that it’s not easy for her to meet someone that fits the mold and described what kind of person she’s looking for.

I don’t end up meeting people who fit the ideal mold. As of right now, I just like people who live by the same code as me. It’s important that we can live fun lives together. I think about whether we can share daily lives together and what kind of values they have. I don’t think I should meet people for fun anymore. Now that I’m older, I should be more serious.

– Kang So Ra

Kang So Ra also revealed that she’ll be moving out and starting an independent life this year.

I’m moving out to live on my own this March, so my New Year’s resolution is to establish a life on my own. I’m excited to decorate my own place. I can decorate however I want and even put a bed in the living room if I want.

– Kang So Ra

Here’s hoping Kang So Ra accomplishes all of her resolutions in the coming year!

Source: Insight