The Idol Who Has Been On 7 Years Of Hiatus But Is Still Signed To SM Entertainment

He was once one of the most popular members.

Kangin was once part of the visual-line of Super Junior. Known for his dashing looks, he debuted in 2005 as part of the team.

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Kangin’s career was fraught with hardships. He was on the rise as a variety star and MC, hosting M!Countdown, Reckless Radio, and Good Friend Radio. He was later brought on to host Love Triangle, Star King, Vitamin, and more. He even tried his hand at acting with Xanadu and Hello, Schoolgirl.

Kangin on Star King.

Things took a turn when he committed a DUI in 2009. He was taken out of promotions and all his shows due to the bad press and crime committed.

After three years of reflection, SM Entertainment announced that he would rejoin the group for their sixth album, Sexy, Free & Single in 2012.

Despite the welcome from fans, Kangin committed yet another DUI in 2016. Not only did he drink and drive, he also assaulted a woman in 2017 at an escort bar.

Things got too much for fans to handle. He withdrew from Super Junior in 2019 as a result.

Even though he has not been active since 2016, Kangin still remains a part of SM Entertainment. In a unique offer, the company continued to renew their contract with him.

Kangin has been out of the spotlight for 8 years now. From time to time, he updates fans through social media, sharing his outdoor adventures with them.

In 2023, he opened a YouTube channel where he takes fans along with him camping. The channel has a little over 14,000 subscribers.

He shared that when his initial contract with the company ended, he wondered out loud what he should proceed to do next. The company then offered a recontract with him, even though he has not been active since 2016. Hopefully this means that the company will be helping him score some work soon to meet fans!

Source: theqoo

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