KARA Gyuri’s Last Social Media Post Before Her Itaewon Clubbing Scandal Resurfaces

Gyuri shared a post about COVID-19 just a few weeks before.

In light of KARA Gyuri‘s recent confession that she went clubbing at one of the clubs that a confirmed case of COVID-19 visited on the same night, the last post she shared on social media regarding the pandemic resurfaced online.

Late last month via Twitter, Gyuri shared,

Is everyone staying healthy out there? I miss you. I’m exercising. I have a lot of thoughts going through my head tonight. I hope we all get through this situation and meet again in a healthy state soon.

– Gyuri

A few weeks after this post, Gyuri confessed through her agency that she went to a club that was visited by a confirmed case of COVID-19.

She apologized for not following social distancing measures but stressed that she was wearing a mask and that her test for COVID-19 came out negative.

But some netizens claimed that she wasn’t wearing a mask, and Gyuri refuted in a way that stirred up additional controversy.

Aside from the first 20 seconds when I entered, I wore a mask until I left the club.

– Gyuri

Gyuri faced backlash for clubbing when she should’ve been practicing social distancing measures and confessing that she wasn’t wearing a mask for a short period of time.

As a result, her social media accounts have been switched to private.

Source: Insight