Former KARA Member Recalls Injuring Her Neck For Their Choreography

“I heard a cracking sound from my neck.”

During Nicole‘s visit to MMTG, she shared a few stories from the years she spent as a member of KARA. One of those moments was an injury she received from one of their performances that many people might’ve missed.

After showing the secret behind how she kept her arm at a ninety-degree angle for a signature part of their “Lupin” choreography, it sparked a new question from Jae Jae. If Nicole used so much strength, “Was there a time when you felt a spasm?

Nicole admitted a different part of the choreography had caused an injury, “There was one time when I had a spasm. It was when I was performing for SBS’s ‘Inkigayo.’

Although Nicole hadn’t loosened her muscles before the performance, she put her full strength and energy into her dancing. “I didn’t stretch my neck beforehand. After singing, ‘This is mine,’ I turned violently.” It backfired.

Following the move, Nicole immediately knew something was wrong. “But, I heard a cracking sound from my neck.

Even though it happened so quickly, it caused an injury she needed many sessions to treat. “So, I received a lot of physical treatment after that.” Nicole also shared the reason why she’d needed to put so much strength into the move.

She took into account how well it would suit the stage, “I did that because the performance looks cooler like that.” There was also a more technical reason.

Every member needed to add strength into the head turn to prevent their hair from blinding them. “If you do it tepidly, your hair gets messy. So, you have to use a lot of strength to make sure your hair won’t get messy.

Fortunately, Nicole received the care she needed to recover and was much more aware of how to do the move safely. “After that performance, I was very careful.

Whether they end up with a neck injury or shed blood, idols are truly dedicated to performing. Watch Nicole open up about the little-known injury that she handled so professionally by powering through the stage.